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What we do?

Ending uncertainty in recruitment

All Candidates have had their past employment history verified by our team, but that is not all; Candidates in our database also have our Insights attached to their CVs. Making an informed decision has never been easier!

What are the Insights?

During the verification process of each Candidate, we gather insights from their colleagues and references, such as their hard & soft skills, ability to work with others, and other outside-the-cv data.

Where can I find these Candidates?

You can begin searching right away! just register your business and fight the right Candidate for your needs!

Why should I become Verified?

Being verified will not only make you visible to recruiters, but make your CV all the more appealing by reducing the uncertainty that recruiters face when deicing whom to hire.
Remember, when you apply for a job in the UAE, you are not just contesting against those in the GCC area - but rather the entire global workforce.

Why do I need Insights?

Insights are what gives your resume the personality that enables recruiters to make well-informed recruitment decisions, faster, making your CV all the more appealing to recruiters. They allow companies to understand what you stand for, your skills, and provide an inside look at how well you perform in different situations

How do I become a Candidate?

Simple! all you have to do to become a candidate is sign up and create your Workand CV, we'll take care of the rest!

About Work& and our Mission

To empower individuals and organizations by giving organizations the means to find the right candidate for their needs, and giving individuals the means to be found by the right organization for their career.

The concept of Work& and its services was born out of genuine frustration over the inefficiencies that the existed in the recruitment world.

The founders experienced both the difficulties faced by the people that are looking to gain employment as well as the challenges forced surmounted on recruiters themselves when looking to make hiring decisions.

They realized that both sides were missing something, and it was important to bring forth a solution that would benefit both the job-seekers and companies alike, without disrupting the flow of recruitment processes already in place.

Work&'s goal is to perform continuous research into the recruitment industry and find innovative and unique solutions that will progressively assist companies' efforts in accelerating recruitment, all the while increasing opportunities for candidates looking to gain employment around the UAE.